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National aid

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The Hasdei Eliyahu non-profit organisation works with several echelons throughout the "Iron swords" war
1. The Mount Herzl food stand: We decided to create a food stand in which we supply drinks and sandwiches with no cost to bereaved families that come to their loved ones' funerals, to friends, to military men and to whomever comes to pay their final respects for .our fallen heroes.

2. Donations of equipment and food to soldiers in the field: Our non-profit works and is certified by army officials and supplies equipment and basic foods to different bases across the country.

3. Aiding bereaved families: We foster bereaved families that had their loved ones and living quarters taken away from them and aid them with basic necessities such as basic equipment, warm food, etc.

Our non-profit’s activites

The 'Hasdei Eliyahu' non-profit organisations (Number 580563682) is listed in the organisation registrar,

Operates as a non profit and is based fully on donations and volunteers,

Including its officials, who act with no salary and are volunteers themselves,

The non-profit operates throughout the year, and includes:

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Holiday gifts for parents in need to give to their children,

In doing so the non-profit aids in strengthening the bond between parent and child

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Monthly aid
for families in need
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Giving out food packages
filled with goods
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About the organisation

The non-profit was founded official in the year 2012 (and is active ever since 2004) by the Yemin family,

In remembrance of their beloved parents, Fanny and Elijah Yemin, may their memory be a blessing. Fanny and Elijah built their home in Jerusalem and throughout their lives, their homes and hearts were open to any man, in inspiration from the bible’s Abraham.

Shabbat and holiday meals were always filled with happiness and foods from the blessings upon the land of Israel. These memories are ingrained within the family and within their guests. In accordance to that, the children of the household decided to commemorate their dear parents in a way that shows the spirit of the household they group up in, by kindness and giving, their dream is to bring happiness and abundance to the table of any person in need.

Want to take part in our actions?

Financial donation

Financial donations unrelated to their size, are greeted in the non-profit every day and are fully sent to broaden the supported circle of those in need.

The donation is recognized by the Israeli government by article 46 to the income tax ordinance, and is tax deductible. 

You can donate via:

  1. Bank transaction - account details and the bank for the donation:

National bank(10) King George 902 branch, account no’: 774300/61

  1. IBAN transaction

  2. Digitally, comfortable and secure.

Physical donation

The distribution of food baskets project takes part twice a year.

In the Tishrei holidays and in Passover.

Every day of distribution we pack large food baskets and send them to more than 80 families.

We invite you to join us these days and help in packing the baskets and their distribution to families

The non-profit’s officials

Non profit’s founders - Yemin household members


Brand manager

Miss Shiri Helfman



Mr Dan Levi

Our partners

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